Back Home to Ethiopia, and a Movie in the Future

For many years, I’ve openly discussed my adoption journey. It has been both therapeutic and liberating. In August of 2014, I returned to Ethiopia for my second reunion since my adoption in 1994. With the permission of my (Ethiopian) first family, I captured some powerful moments. The trip was incredible. I learned so much about my mother, my late father, my siblings, and also myself.

One of the amazing results of the trip is a partnership with Gazillion Strong to create a film about my journey. I’m thrilled to be working with them (and with loads of still photos and video clips, thanks to the talented Jemal Countess) to share my story of being adopted from Ethiopia, and my reunion with my Ethiopian family.

My partners at Gazillion Strong have already created this short clip, a glimpse into the story which I hope to tell that honors both my birth and adoptive families. Thank you!

My mother and I, in Ethiopia August 2014



8 thoughts on “Back Home to Ethiopia, and a Movie in the Future

      1. Thank you so much no I’m English from the north a City called Sheffield I would love to see Ethiopia 1 day as I have read a lot about the history I have friends in my church from Africa one of my best friends Guido and his family are from Zim my friend Issac is from Ghana and Somalia and Eritrea and now here at college I have met Stephan from Ivory coast Pauline also from Zim like Guido she has two beautiful little girls there is Henry From Botswana Elizabeth from Congo and Simplice from Cameroon and today I met a guy at another church called Brilliant and his brother and sister 🙂


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